About Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

About the FCIC

Building on the Flinders Medical Centre’s reputation as a leader in compassionate cancer care and the Flinders University’s world-class medical research, the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) provides an integrated approach to tackling cancer.

Flinders cancer centre Professor Graeme Young and Dr Richard Le Leu

With researchers focussing primarily on cancer prevention and early intervention research, the FCIC will develop vital tools to help people beat cancer before it takes hold.

It is a place where ground-breaking cancer treatments are delivered with the very best compassionate cancer care.

It is a place where survivorship is not just an ideal but an everyday achievable goal, a place of support and care for all from the point of diagnosis, through treatment and as they continue in life.

It is a place for a community to come together to learn, heal and participate and where students are taught and inspired in order to become our future leaders.

It is a place that will make a difference, locally and globally.