Colorectal Cancer Screening Symposium

You are warmly invited to participate in a vibrant discussion that addresses one of the major cancers in our society, colorectal cancer, and how we can go about eradicating it.  Held in collaboration with The Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) AGW 2016 and supported by The Jodi Lee Foundation this free Q&A event is open to all.  Please RSVP here for planning purposes. 

The Q&A event is being held as part of a 2-day colorectal cancer screening symposium (paid registration required).  This will be a multi-disciplinary meeting to reflect upon progress in the technical/performance, marker discovery, behavioural research and public health fields, and look to the future to identify and address key challenges.  For more detail about the symposium, grant opportunities and registration please visit  As part of the screening symposium, Scholarships and Travel Grants are also available. We encourage you to apply. 

Panellists: The panel will comprise of a Consumer, Nutritionist, Behavioural Scientist, Public Health expert, Gastroenterologist, Surgeon and a GP.

Issues for discussion will include: Is diet and lifestyle a viable approach? Can screening eradicate the disease? Will genetic testing provide the answer? What is the role of the GP in health maintenance? What does a consumer think about medical approaches to prevention?

Monday October 10th Adelaide Convention Centre, 6.30-7.30pm (Meeting Room L3)

All welcome.  Please register here for this free event.

For further information and to visit the Symposium website please click here.