Recording of Graeme Young Oration: Preventing colorectal cancer - is aspirin the answer?

The recording of the 2017 Graeme Young Oration delivered by Professor Finlay Macrae AO, 28 March.

Click here to view Oration. Video is 1 hour 15 minutes long; it can be advanced, replayed and paused.

Professor Macrae discussed the use of aspirin for good health and prevention of disease such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Could cancer prevention be as simple as a daily pill?

Professor Macrae is an eminent gastroenterologist with a distinguished research career in bowel cancer prevention. He is the Head of Colorectal Medicine and Genetics at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Professor Macrae’s clinical research relates to understanding the genetic risks for bowel cancer and prevention of bowel cancer, and the role of diet in prevention of bowel cancer. He was the Australian lead for the first international study providing strong evidence that aspirin prevents cancer.

The Oration honours the work of Professor Graeme Young AM, a champion for cancer prevention and global health, and co-founder of Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer.

Finlay Macrae AO, Orator 2017 Graeme Young Oration
Finlay Macrae AO, Orator 2017 Graeme Young Oration