As the first integrated cancer centre in Australia to focus primarily on cancer prevention and early intervention research, the FCIC is developing vital tools to help people beat cancer before it takes hold.

Research Groups

Researchers work alongside a multidisciplinary care team to translate discoveries into viable outcomes.

More than 100 leading cancer researchers are involved in the important work underway at FCIC. Click here for more information.

Research programs in FCIC fall under two broad umbrellas: Preventing Cancer and Optimising the Cancer Journey. The Translational Pathways program links into these to provide the powerhouse that moves research outcomes into real health benefits.

Cancer Prevention

Optimising the Cancer Journey

These areas of research focus result in ‘translational pathways’ for cancer prevention and care, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Translational Pathways

Ensuring that research has an immediate impact on health and healthcare is driven by making sure there is a rapid and effective move from the research phase into a practical outcome. It is a constant cycle of need, research, and improvement that includes:

  • Effective discovery and rapid translation of research discoveries into clinical applications;
  • Improving cancer care by identifying cancer care questions and developing research programs that will find an answer;
  • Increased use of effective evidence based cancer care in practice.

2013 FCIC Research Grants

Each year the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation provides funding for the peer-reviewed FCIC Research Grants.

For more information on the 2013 awarded grants please click here.