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The Journey by Pamela Cook

In 2011 Pamela first came to our attention when she made it into the Top 6 of her age group in the hit reality show X-Factor where she became an inspiration to millions when she shared the story about her journey through cancer while pregnant with her son Zion.

It was only the year before that Pamela had been thrown into the fight of her life when she was told that she had malignant breast cancer at 16 weeks pregnant.

“When I was told that my best chance at survival was to terminate my pregnancy, I replied absolutely not. It wasn’t even close to a possibility.”

With her cancer treatment team at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) focussed on ensuring her and her sons safety, Pamela underwent a partial mastectomy and full axillary clearance (removal of lymph nodes under the arm) followed by three rounds of FEC-D chemotherapy.

She then gave birth to healthy but premature Zion before finishing further chemotherapy treatments followed by daily radiotherapy treatment. Zion stayed on at Flinders in the Neonatal Unit under close observation for a further nine and a half weeks where it was ensured that he hit all the benchmarks that a healthy baby boy should meet.

Pamela calls this part of her life a “cold hard dose of reality” which forced her to reassess her goals and to discover that she most wanted to reach out to others by pursuing her love of singing.

Both Pamela’s and Zion’s care were fully undertaken at Flinders – from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond so Pamela, and songwriter Paul Wiltshire, decided to donate her new song to the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation to raise funds for cancer research and care at the FCIC.

99c from each song downloaded on iTunes will go directly to the FMC Foundation.

Download her song now on at  Pamela Cook - The Journey and all proceeds from the sale will go directly to the FMC Foundation.

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