Flinders Ear, Nose & Throat Cancer Research Group

Flinders ENT Cancer Research Group

Flinders ENT Research Group Head: Prof Simon Carney
Phone: +61 8 8204 7525
Email: simon.carney@flinders.edu.au

Professor Simon Carney works with a team of ENT researchers and collaborates with the Upper GI Cancer Group headed by Professor David Watson. Together they are investigating the role between reflux and the development of Head and Neck Cancer. Other projects have looked at the molecular abnormalities in various cancers of the head and neck.

In addition, Professor Carney collaborates with the Department of Engineering at Flinders University for the development of surgical simulators which can be used to train doctors how to resect cancer in a computer environment prior to the clinical scenario.


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Please contact Prof Carney regarding the Garnett Passe & Rodney William’s Memorial Foundation Surgeon Scientist PhD scholarship.